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The Groundwork Surfers 

We at Groundwork Surfers have recognized that the biggest growth area on the internet is the usage of the Silversurfers. Who exactly are the Silversurfers? Well, they are the retired generation who are now getting acquainted with the World Wide Web. Most of these people have gained access to the internet via their children or grandchildren avail.

What we offer 

We engage our new members to join the biggest growing internet group we refer to as “Silversurfers”. This group comprises of the retired and old folks of the society, the ‘not so used to the game’ so to say since they are only just beginning to participate in using the latest internet technology at the same time going about their day to day commitments. This keeps them updated and in check of what is currently trending in the world of the WWW.

Joining the Silversurfers membership list becomes the 1st step after which we enroll you to our special sections where detailed and easy to understand steps are provided to you on how to navigate the internet. The categories depend on the type of device our clients is using ranging from computers  to the now so fancy range of tablets like IPad’s, Android devices, IPhone’s, laptops and Personal Digital Assistants among many others.

As is with the internet savvy younger generation, social site know how is also a key thing to cover for the Silversurfers. From Facebook to Twitter to the now so popular Whatsapp applications, we show them how to connect with each other as well as their families wherever they may be since such is the power the internet has accorded us.

More on what the Groundwork Surfers can do for the Silversurfers…

The Groundwork Surfers Company also has more it can show this generation of surfers. Here they can get to know about more on what they can do on the net, things touching on more serious aspects of their lives like finances. Since the inception of online banking and online money transfer, its usage has grown exponentially.

 The old folks learn how to conduct their banking online as well as the whole money transfer thing. Other beneficial things they get to know of include how to search the internet for holiday destinations. This comes as a big help for them since many having being retired are interested in ‘seeing the world’ to put it frankly.

 Investment is also a major part of the internet and for the interested parties they can get to know of online investment, as well as actually take part in them. Car insurance as well as general insurance, getting the best deals on houses as well as doing grocery shopping has been made simpler for the Silversurfers all thanks to the internet and they learn first-hand how to do all that here.  

As a result of their gained knowledge from our company, the Silversurfers are also gaining their place in the world of internet and other related technology as even they can now show the younger generation a thing or two about the internet!



Read what some of our satisfied Silversurfers have said about us now that they have become active internet users!

I used to watch my kids literally spend like 24/7 of their time on the internet and always wondered why. I stopped asking that when I got the old IPad from my son after I bought him the latest one. The internet is a trove full of solutions to many of the things I found trouble doing. Way to go Ground Surfers!
By By Thomas D. Armour

My granddaughter introduced me to the world of the internet and I am loving every second of it. Grocery shopping which used to be quite a chore for me has especially been simplified via the online grocery shops. I also conduct my stock trading online which I learnt from the Ground Surfers Company.
By Marie F. Turley

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